Il Sogno

Morb with his work “Il Sogno” reminds us that Turin, the city where he lives, has been designated the “Capital of Cinema 2020”. The clear trace of this is the Icon of the Seventh Art, George Melies’ “Journey to the Moon” of 1902. In a fusion of styles, icons and suggestions that accompany him in many of his works, what better subject than the Woman who, as a lone wolf, dreamily turns to the moon?! A woman to whom she attributes the role of Queen thus creating, as previously outlined, a reconnection with her previous works.


46,5 x 67,5

Mixed Media on Steel, hand hammered

years of production 2020

With gold finitures

available for sale

Ciao Maestro

News Paper has another “son” of this time; “Hello Master”. 2020 also saw several major artistic losses, including Ennio Morricone. Universally considered one of the greatest authors of cinematographic music. Arranger, composer, performer and director, he has produced more than 400 original soundtracks. Here it is at the center of the Morb’s opera. The Master, the one who led us to dream thanks to his compositions, suggest that we be silent. Perhaps the time for silence has also come. But we cannot help but dwell on the feminine figure placed spatially in the foreground, which forcefully slams Chaos in our face.


46 x 68

Mixed Media on Steel, hand hammered

years of production 2020

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