A city, with a soul for fashion, music and art, is Milan the connection point chosen by Morb, to give life to this new project; aimed at making these environments communicate, merge them to create something that was not there before. Being able to wear art, be part of it and be able to change it as you want.


Milan is represented by Morb with its symbol called by all “La Madonnina”, which stands out and protects the city.

pocket details

Bombing MLN with Duomo on back.

La MAdonnina

200 g Canvas with stone washing technique.

Details warranty seal.

Each jacket comes with a numbered Limited Edition warranty seal.

Choose your Original Vintage Levi's jacket


Every single garment is original, vintage from Levi’s, differs in size, wear, finishes and color. We recommend paying attention to the length of the shoulders rather than the size.

Below you just need to choose the model, to proceed with the execution of the canvas, for your jacket.

For example, the (0001) corresponds to an M with shoulders of 53 cm.


Size M – Shoulders 53 cm


Size L – Shoulders 56 cm


Size XL  – Shoulders 56 cm

Jacket Number

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