A creative process that has no constraints, follow an expressive path parallel to hte conceptual one, untill it completely merges into the essence of  Morb’s art.




Hope Crisis

Fine art series.

Like the concept of Hope Crisis Series in “The New concept of Street Art” the section of fine art  is the materialization of the human belief, in the form of a votive figure.

00000 (Madonna con Edera)

00000 (Lady with Ivy) is the symbolic matrix of Hope Crisis; it brings harmony back to this world. Life is born from his breast; it is the symbol of a newfound balance. Like a votive candle, it symbolizes hope. The material with which this statue, like the others, was made is wax, the material of candles, which generates light. This work is the hopeful conclusion of the Hope Crisis series, in fact, unlike the other works, this one has no location, this can be seen by the seal that bears no reference to the Postal Code.

40 x 40 variable sizes

Mixed media : Wax, ceramic, plastic, acrilic, topsoil, Hedera Helix.

years of production 2020

Not in Sale

Caduta Di Fede

This wax votive figure it appears slumped and broken, voluntarily, as if by the hand of a superior presence, which does not comply with the rules created by man. this installation brings with it the connection between its twin 10123 the first placed by the artist in a ruined church. Both bear the letters of the artist’s name on their backs, showing his personal fall of faith towards humanity.

45 x 45 x 20

Mixed media : Wax, marble, plastic, acrilic, papers, resin.

years of production 2020

Limited Edition

available For Sale


Painted with gold, and built in noble materials, it rises from the ashes, in search of light, to show itself as a phoenix in the Morb’s vision.

20 x 45 x 22

Mixed media : Burned Wood, copper, aluminum, plastic, acrilic spray, gold leaf.

years of production 2020

Limited Edition

available For Sale

Italian Soup, is a sculpture but with an identity of installation. This particula piece is characterized by its appearance creatred like a votive figure from Hope Crisis, but maded using the process of the sculptures.

Italian Soup

With pop appearances, but with a strong emotional identity, this is Italian Soup.

13 x 37 x 11

Mixed media : Plaster, plastic, resin, acrilic, gold leaf, paper, aluminum.

years of production 2020

Limited Edition

available For Sale

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