From a very young age, Morb has been interested in art and all of its diverse facets. In addition to painting, there is also an immense passion for poetry,music to graphic design. During his adolescence, he approached the world Street Art and graffiti. Later this influence of the Street had an effect on his natural artistic maturation that enabled him to transfer this passion into canvas and on the sreen of the laptop. The digital art has allowed him to be able to create and have behind him over hundreds of music covers by EP, LP, albums, posters and more.
While Street art, typical of the artist’s youthful background, is literally “torn” from the urban walls and revived within a circumscribed and elegant environment like the painting: the effect is just as direct and controversial. Canvas is not the only support the artist uses for his creations; the Hope Crisis series, composed of votive wax Madonnas, is an example. (Votive wax Madonnas, used in creating the Hope Crisis series is an example his creative exploration.) From the artist’s works, emerges a strong desire for the critical analysis of man, which through his comments generates a gradual and adverse destruction of the reality that surrounds him.

past collective exhibitions


Arte Città Amica (Turin Italy) 2010

Paratissima Art Affair (Turin Italy) 2015